Founded in 1988, the Lotus Group was initially established as a restaurant with the first outlet being located in Jalan Masjid India under the name Restaurant Jay Villas. The founder of this group, Dato’ Renah Doraisingam Pillai is a dynamic personality who gained much of his valuable experience and business acumen from his late father Philanthropist N. Rengasamy Pillai.

In 1990, Lotus Group moved to Petaling Jaya, a more accessible and prominent location and commenced operations at No.15, Jalan Gasing under the name Lotus Family Restaurant Holdings Sdn.Bhd. This entailed a business growth that lead to a chain of 15 outlets throughout the Klang Valley and as far as Ipoh as well. Having enjoyed success in the restaurant line, Lotus Group also established convenience stores under the name Gasing Stores Sdn.Bhd. Being synonymous in the food and beverage line, Lotus Group were given the opportunity in 1993 to be the industrial caterers for leading industry players such as Sony TV, Sony Video and Ryoka Sdn.Bhd.

Pushing forward, in the year 2002, Lotus Group ventured into the Hotel Industry by taking over the management of two prominent landmarks in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the Madura Inn and Kowloon Hotel for a lease period. In 2004, they purchased their own premises in Medan Tuanku and named it Lotus Family Hotel, a 90 room budget hotel situated in a strategic location in the shopping district of Kuala Lumpur.

In the same year, Lotus Group also entered the Film Industry under the name of Lotus Five Star Sdn. Bhd. They are the main distributors of Tamil and Hindi films in Malaysia, including having DVD and VCD distribution rights as well. Lotus Group also established Audio/Video outlets marketing original audio and video movies making it a one stop centre for purchasing DVD’s and VCD’s. Being a key player in the film industry, Lotus Group went into the operation of cinemas and cineplex’s. Today, Lotus Group has a successful chain of cinemas throughout the Klang Valley, Butterworth, Sitiawan and Ipoh.

As every successful company, Lotus Group decided to diversify their company from the year 2000 onwards by broadening their business ventures into the Hotel Industry, Film Industry, Distribution Business, Operation and Management of Cinemas/Cineplex, Real Estate-Properties/Plantations, Construction and etc.

Dato Dorai’s two brothers Dato Ramalingam Pillai and Mr. Nagasundram Pillai have been strongly behind him in all decisions taken thus far and the secret of his success lies in the unity of his brothers. The diversification of the Lotus group’s business empire to where it is today in such a short span of time is due to the collective thinking, sheer hard work, dedication and loyalty amongst the brothers.

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